Oh Balance, Where Are You?

I've been thinking about my weight loss and fitness goals. They need to be revamped so I can lose the last 40 lbs. My goal is in sight and I want to do this! :) However I wish I could work both goals together! My pattern is as follows, when I am ON the ball with food choices, I don't want to exercise. Then when I am ON the ball with exercise, I am not minding my food choices. Right now its the later. UGH! I'm really frustrating myself.

I'm not blaming anybody or the routine of my life. It is what it is. I have to find a way to make both goals work together. Starting today, I'm going to track all foods in my journal and aim to make better choices at each meal. Going back to basics always works for me. The Insanity Workout is going so well, week 2 is done! I love this CRAZY workout. I have never challenged my body so much. Sometimes I can't believe I'm actually able to do this workout. Sure I'm not at expert speed but I finally feel like I can keep up with a good portion of the DVDs. It's great to see progress and definition in my body. This is the one good thing I've done for myself this month and I'm really proud of it! :)

This whole weight loss journey has been trail and error for me, like I'm sure it is for everyone. Somethings work great for me, others don't. It's a constant learning experience and one that I hope to enrich at FitBloggin. I know that I will be among my weight loss inspirations, just having conversations and good times. You'd be surprised how you can find inspiration from just getting to know someone. Recharge and re-motivate sounds like a good plan and when I get back from the conference I'll publish the goals here to remind me of what I need to do. :)