Not That Girl

This weekend one of my close friends made a comment about hair and make-up. She referred to me as someone who always does her make-up.

Qué, qué... me? Really?!

The comment struck me as odd because I so NOT the make-up girl. The most I do on most mornings is wash my face, put on moisturizer and lipstick. Done, let's go. I have to "feel like I'm in the mood" to put on make-up for work and the weekends forget about it unless it's a night out. In the last few years I realize this isn't the norm. Apparently a lot of women I know have a whole daily make-up routine and some wouldn't even leave the house without it. Apparently the "cheese standing alone" on this is me! Which is fine because I like the way I look without make-up. I must thank the genetics of mom and dad for eyes that look like I always have eye-liner on and natural rosy cheeks.

Anyway back to my friend's comment, I can see why she thinks I always wear make-up because she sees me when we are going out, to a party or some other event. It would be a safe assumption to her that I always do my make-up. Oh no girl, I think the whole eye-shadow, eye-liner, mascara bit on a daily basis is just too much of a production! Fine for a night out but not every morning. So call me crazy but if I do my make-up once a week for work... that's a miracle!

I do know how to put on make-up thanks to my sister who bought me make-up lessons at Elizabeth Arden a few years back. She thought it was so odd that I didn't know how to put on eye-shadow and would always bug her to do it for me. I mean just last year was the first time I put foundation on myself. Prior to that I only wore it when my make-up was done for a party or something. I haven't done it since that one time. Now if I were a Kardashian and had my own personal make-up artist, I'd wear make-up all the time. I love getting my make-up done, guess I don't love doing it myself. But I'm getting better. On other side, I have to recognize that I enjoy testing new makeup products by the face! Like here.

So what about you, are you a make-up girl or not?