I Talk To Myself When I Eat

Today I woke up not hungry but craving this" :

What is wrong with me? Yesterday I was checking a guide to choose the correct supplement on this website: http://www.allaboutfishoil.org and today I want to eat that s#*!t. Yes, I'm aware the sentence above makes no sense but I didn't want to eat anything healthy in my house {translation: not hungry}. Yet I knew I had to eat something {translation: above picture}. If I was working out all week, I would have eaten the sandwich without giving it a second thought. Burned it off and moved on. But that's not the case, so I really had to think about satisfying this craving.

Is this a true craving? Is this sandwich going to satisfy me? Or am I just looking for a quick-easy breakfast I don't have to make myself. It's Friday, I'm tired and I have a ton of things to do. I want something easy!

All this was going on in my head as I was on the train to work. I went to my favorite Starbucks on Broadway to get my non-fat latte. I was still pondering what to have for breakfast when I saw this:


A healthy breakfast I didn't have to make myself with all my favorite things! :) Oh Happy Friday! All my cravings for the sandwich were gone. I was so pleased with my food option and with myself for thinking it through. I know it might seem odd to others that breakfast is such a production but to me it doesn't feel that way. I made a commitment to myself to only eat when I'm hungry and to only eat what I want. Sometimes it takes a lot of "talk time" with myself to figure out what I want but it's so worth it!

A non-scale victory for sure! :)

There was a hidden surprise in Starbucks Protein Bistro Box, this little packet of Justin's Honey Peanut Butter! WOW!

It was the most delicious peanut butter I have had! Checking out their website now, to see where they sell it. Must get more! :)